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Let's Baby

A 20 year old man by the name of Kirito Namasaki longs for the chance to marry a beautiful woman and conceive the prettiest baby girl ever to be born into his family. However, there's just one problem. He's bad with women. He decides to give up on his life long dream and celebrate his single-hood by going to a super market to buy some freaking orange juice. That's when he met an irresponsibly ignorant 17 year-old by the name of Rikiya Karafuda, who happens to be a single father. Stuck on the fact that "God gave a baby to an idiot", he wraps himself into the boy's business only to find himself possibly stuck in it forever. Auto-Updating on Wednesdays (2 pages per week). Chapter 2: (56%) Chapter 3: (Drafting)


No updates until 12/22/14 :)

Updates will resume after my finals and the beginning of winter break. Thank you for your patience. See you soon~

posted by Simica @ December 10th, 2014, 4:41 pm  -  0 comments


So I've been going through the horror of school and just losing my feel of drawing lately. Don't worry, it's coming back. No prob. I did however, shorten this story. I'm sorry. I just can't handle super long stories however, I promise to make it super funny and satisfy you guys as much as I can. I actually have about probably 4-5 pages done already but not uploaded. I'm not gonna upload them until I change somethings up. I'll tell you why this chapter was a struggle once, I get us to the end of it. Thank you new fans and old fans for sticking around and being patient with my failing. I promise your support will not be in vain.

posted by Simica @ November 9th, 2014, 8:15 pm  -  0 comments

Sorry for not updating~

Argh~ Even though it's summer, I've just gotten my online course that I'm slowly regretting but it's for a good cause. *the only thing driving me on* I shall start updating both Caramel Kissu & Let's Baby soon, probably even tonight if I have energy to do so. I've been falling asleep at awkward times lately so a lot of things are falling behind. I'm sorry guys! I promise to shower you with lots of smu- I mean LOVE! = w =;;; Anyway, thanks for reading and being patient with me. ; v ; <333


posted by Simica @ June 15th, 2014, 3:45 pm  -  0 comments

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